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General Manager
Special Cable
Special Cable

Special cable industry under the Hong Kong listed enterprise - - - - - - - - dark tube technology group (stock code: 1087), is the ship and ocean engineering, construction, industrial control, locomotives, airports, iron and steel metallurgy, machinery manufacturing, solar photovoltaic, petrochemical and energy applications in electric wire electric cable main suppliers, special industry development has been to carry out high standard, high requirement for oneself. Now owns a number of international and domestic the authentication. Including: UL, VDE, TUV, CSA, CCC, etc.

In the special cable, dark tube have rich design and development experience, the international advanced cable technology with a sensitive cognition and channels. Between 2010 and 2012, dark tube in the integration of special cable company experience and ability, on the basis of the special cable products formulated from the electronic electric appliance industry to the big industry development, product specifications from small to large size range expansion strategy, the core subsidiary - weihai dark tube electronics co., LTD., have invested heavily in the international cooperation on the basis of introduction of full set of production and testing equipment, the introduction of international research and development and production management team, a comprehensive industrial control and automation system, Marine and ocean engineering system, airports and aviation equipment system, locomotive vehicle system and environmental protection and intelligent building system with special cable products. The project products all adopt the international advanced technology and standards, to replace the import and export of form a complete set, the market for Chinese manufacturing equipment industry revitalization and military strategic services.

Special cable industry now, we have a strong product development capabilities, production capacity and quality assurance ability. The company insists on the principle of "quality is life, customer-oriented" principle, dedicated to providing our clients with advanced technology products and services with high quality.

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