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General Manager
Special Cable

In the Year 1997    

Weihai Honglin Electronic Co., Ltd was set up, engaging in the processing of RGB cable assemblies.


In the Year 2000

Weihai Honglin Electronic Co., Ltd began to supply external signal-wire assemblies to LG Tontru Display Co.,    Ltd with its self-owned brand 「Honglin」, marking the Group’s transformation from a processor to an independent industrial company (a company having its self-owned brand and capable of designing, developing, manufacturing and selling cable assemblies and connector-related products).


In the Year 2003

Weihai Honglin Wire and Cable Co., Ltd was established, set up the environment management system making SONY SS-00259 as the standard, passed ISO9001:2000 Quality Management System Certification, and began to manufacture self-owned cable products. The assembling of its raw materials and connectors into cable assemblies marked that the Group for the first time formed a vertical integrated service mode from drawing of plastic cement and copper wire and processing of cables to processing of cable assembly products.


In the Year 2004

The agency in Tianjin was set up.

The company made huge investment in network analyzer (NA) and time-domain reflectometer (TDR), increased the wire production to 8 lines, introduced one high-performance physical foaming production line, and successfully developed low-smoke and halogen-free products.


In the Year 2005

The company successfully developed the RGB high-frequency signal-connecting cables used in displays, established the technological cooperation with American General Electric Company and Noveon in the field of high-performance insulation materials and TPU, successfully exploited high-performance low-smoke and halogen-free products with high flaming-retarding grade and low hardness as well as HDMI, DVI and SATA high-frequency digit-transmission lines, and passed the spot-check conducted by China Quality Supervision Bureau, which was given public notice throughout the nation.


In the Year 2006

In the manufacturing technology, the company successfully developed LSFH low-smoke and halogen-free materials and sundial automotive wire PVC granules. The development of the new-type PVC, containing no phthalates in it, was a success, and its technology surpassed all others nationwide. Our certified materials take the lead in the industry no matter in performance, price or quality.
In the production scale, the company successfully transformed the production of DVI, SATA, HDMI32AWG and SATA30AWG high-frequency signal cables from handwork to volume production, and realized an overall volume production.
The halogen-free PPO cables were launched into volume production in an overall way after the ULPPO halogen-free certification was passed. In September, the halogen-free and inflaming-retarding TPU and TPE and the polyolefin-type halogen-free materials were successfully developed and launched into volume production. 
The company signed up with Beijing Jinlanmeng Headhunter Enterprise Co., Ltd a long-term training and cooperation project, worth more than 200,000 yuan, devoting to improving the system of the company, intensifying the resource integration and forging an excellent execution team that advanced with time. 


In the Year 2007

Weihai Honglin Electronic Co., Ltd was conferred the honorary title of “High-tech Enterprise of Shandong Province” by People’s Government of Shandong Province.

The development of E-SATA high-frequency signal cables, LVDS and Displayport1.0 products succeeded.

The pass of TS16949 system certification enabled the company to expand the automobile wire market.

Changshu Honglin Wire and Cable Co., Ltd began to manufacture RF communication cables, and had the honor of being a supplier for a top laptop computer company in the world.

The company introduced the ISO14001:2004 system, strictly followed national laws and local regulations and customers’ demand, and comprehensively enhanced the sense of social responsibility of the enterprise and the staff.


In the Year 2008

Weihai Honglin Electronic Co., Ltd was named the technological research center of high-frequency signal transmission project of Shandong Province by Science and Technology Division of Shandong People’s Government. Honglin Science and Technology Group was named the province-level technological research center of high-frequency signal transmission project.

Weihai Honglin Wire and Cable Co., Ltd passed the TS16949 certification, signifying that Honglin’s manufacturing of cables and wires matching the international standard.

The company successfully passed the Korean EK High-temp Wire Certification.

The low-smoke and halogen-free TPU and TPE materials successfully passed the UL certification, with the certification number of E26785.

The company introduced Beijing Extech PDM product data management system and CAPP product process management system.

The company successfully developed the automobile wire cross-linking PE, micro electronic wire, micro coaxial cable, UL 62W outdoor PVC, and earphone cord were successfully developed in succession, and part of them were launched into volume production.

The company invested more than 100,000 yuan to forge a study-type team, and had selected 4 batches of management personnel, 28 persons in total, to head to Qingdao to attend the training courses conducted by Beijing Zion Enterprise Management Consulting Co., Ltd. After the training, we had worked out Honglin’s own eight-honor and eight-shame which was exercised in the everyday work by our staff. 


In the year 2009

The company passed the Canadian CSA certification.

Two items of products by Weihai Honglin Electronic Co., Ltd successfully passed the scientific and technological achievement assessment by Weihai Scientific and Technological Bureau.

Two sets of plum drum rewinding machines were introduced again to manufacture electronic wires, realizing the high-speed automatization in the manufacturing of electronic wires.

In the Year 2010

Honglin Scientific and Technological Group got main-board listed in the Stock Exchange of Hongkon, marking that the Group stepped into a fast development period.

The company set up the “Technological Research Center for Wire and Cable”, which was approved by Weihai Economic and Technological Development Zone.

The company had the honor to win the honorary title of Weihai “Demonstration Enterprise on Patent” in the year 2009. Since its establishment, the company had accumulatively applied for 32 patents which were successfully utilized in production. 


In the Year 2011

Weihai Honglin Electronic and Weihai Honglin Wire were merged and reshuffled, realizing the resource optimization.

The company was conferred the honorary title of high-tech enterprise by Science and Technology Division of Shandong Province.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   

14 years since its establishment, Honglin Electronic has advanced by leaps and bounds, by following the tradition of setting the heart on high, the eyes in the distance, the feet on the ground and the hands hard by. Now the company has develops into a large-scale professional one which manufactures and sells low-toxic and environmental cables and wires such as computer cable, network cable, flat cable, electronic cable, coaxial cable, audio cable and RGB and so on. The company, with a surprising strength to make development, breeds its staff.

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